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  • Awesome Steamed Fish in Ginger Sauce
1/2 kilo labahita fillet
½ pack 6grams Aji-Shio® Seasoning Mix with Pepper
1/8 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 tablespoons chopped onion leeks
2 tablespoons ginger strips
2 tablespoons grated ginger
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
½ pack 6grams Aji-Shio® Seasoning Mix with Garlic
1/8 cup vegetable oil
  • Awesome Steamed Fish in Ginger Sauce

•SEASON. In a plate, rub labahita fillet with Aji-Shio® Seasoning Mix with Pepper. Brush fish with soy sauce and sesame oil. Top fish with leeks and ginger.
•STEAM. Transfer plate in steamer and steam for 20 minutes.
•COMBINE. Prepare sauce, combine ginger, soy sauce, Aji-Shio® Seasoning Mix with Garlic and vegetable oil.
•STEAM. Pour on top of steamed fish or use as a dipping sauce.

Makes 4-6 servings

Nutrition Information/serving:
Calories 194, Carbohydrates 2g, Protein 23g, Fat 10g,
Vitamin C 1mg, Iron 1mg, Vitamin A 73mcg.
Ginger is popular for its role as a digestive aid. By increasing the production of digestive fluids and saliva, ginger helps relieve indigestion, gas pains, diarrhea and stomach cramping.
When steaming fish add a couple of inches of boiling water to a pan and fit the steamer over the top. Make sure it does not touch the water. Cover it with a tight-fitting lid and steam your fish until it is done.
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