Be xxtra happy with the new crispier and tastier Crispy Fry Fried Chicken

As a mom, you are willing to do anything and everything for your kids to be happy. However, there are times that you can’t help but say no to their requests. Although this breaks your heart, you simply cannot do anything about it because you are pre-occupied with all the other things that concern you as a homemaker.

One of the most common pleas your kids often make is to cook their favorite dish, which, more often than not, is fried chicken. While this may seem easy, it can also be a daunting task because crispy and delicious fried chicken can sometimes be hard to achieve.

Now, you can easily fulfill your kids’ requests for yummy fried chicken with the new and improved Crispy Fry Breading Mix! Now, it is made with XXtra Crispy-Sarap blend for crispier and tastier fried chicken. Your family will also love your home-made Crispy Fry chicken because it stays crispy even after an hour.
Cooking the perfect fried chicken won’t take too much of your time because all you have to do is coat, fry and go. It is also perfect for the budget because the 30-gram pack that is good for half kilo of chicken costs only P9.00. Crispy Fry comes in original, garlic and spicy flavors.

Crispy Fry Breading Mix is a product of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation.