AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION proudly launches the new CRISPY FRY® Seasoned Crumbs. It is an all-in-one coating mix made from a premium blend of Japanese-style breadcrumbs, flour, seasonings and spices for a more delicious, thicker and fuller-to-the-bite crunchiness in all types of fried dishes!

The traditional way of preparing fried dishes using Japanese breadcrumbs is very tedious and more costly. This is because of the need to use other ingredients like flour, egg, and seasonings, which has an estimated cost of PhP 34.00 for every kilo of meat.

The new CRISPY FRY® Seasoned Crumbs is an all-in-one coating mix, available in 100-gram Value Pack at only PhP 23.00 (Suggested Retail Price [SRP]), good for 1 kilo of meat and 50-gram Budget Pack at only PhP 13.00 SRP for ½ kilo of meat. It is quick and easy to use; no need to add egg and other seasoning ingredients and can be used for all types of fried dishes like vegetables, pork and seafood.

This product is made by AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION, from the makers of the leading brand, Crispy Fry® Breading Mix.