Benefits of Going On A Scholarship Abroad

Scholarships abroad can seem intimidating to any student. The distance, the foreign people and culture, and the fact that it’s a new experience make people more anxious. But in the long run, it can result in huge benefits overall. That is why Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation is now accepting applications for the 2023 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant. Applicants can be financially supported in their pursuit of higher education and also get a chance to go to prestigious graduate schools in Japan. If you’re looking for something new in the field of academics, we encourage you to apply now!

If you’re skeptical about taking this chance, here are some benefits to getting a scholarship abroad that can make you consider.

See the world and experience a different culture

While living in a foreign country can be a huge obstacle, it can also be a great learning experience for you. You get to see various places you’ve never seen before, meet new people, and get immersed in a different culture from yours – from food to clothing to customs. Your time in this place is fleeting and won’t last forever, so cherish them and make the most of it. You get irreplaceable memories and life lessons through these precious moments.

Experience a different kind of education

Foreign countries don’t just differ in the culture, but also educational systems and curriculums. While adjusting to this can be a hassle, it’s also a chance to challenge yourself in a new environment. You may also learn something more through this new system that you wouldn’t have learned at home. Aside from that, Japan has always been known for its excellence in the academe, going as far as to rank 9 among the ten countries with the best education system in the world. Combined with having access to research equipment you may not have access to locally, you’re definitely in for a high-quality learning experience.

This isn’t a knock on our local education. Instead, it’s proof that you can discover new knowledge through different learning practices, just like foreigners are likely to learn new knowledge through our curriculum.

Learn a new language

Unless you’re going to a place where English is a common language, you will likely fumble when conversing with the locals. Don’t let this discourage you! Instead, let it be your motivation to learn a new language. Doing this gives you an advantage in your personal and professional life. Whether it’s translating your order for a friend or translating something a foreign client has said, it will come in handy in the future. And with Ajinomoto’s scholarship, your Japanese language training is already sponsored. One less thing to worry about so you can focus on your academics.

Have an edge when it comes to your job search

Among a sea of applicants, employers typically look for ones that stand out compared to the rest. An overseas scholarship can help you do just that, as it shows that you’ve attained a great educational achievement, as well as cultural and language skills to boot. This makes you more attractive to employers as they can use your knowledge and expertise in various ways. You also open yourself up to more employment opportunities abroad. Consider your career trajectory before you make your decision to apply.

Enjoy financial aid for your education

Lastly, being granted a scholarship means not worrying about the expenses. The one offering the grant will provide tuition fees, language training costs, travel fare, and more. You’ll also have a regular monthly allowance to cover small expenses such as food, clothes, and other things you need to buy during your stay. The only thing you have to worry about is your studies and maintaining your eligibility for said scholarship.

A scholarship will bring in a lot of hardships, great experiences, and unforgettable memories like no other. So why not take the chance and achieve something remarkable? Apply now for a 2023 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant and unlock your true academic potential. Read this for more details and on how to join.