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Not all black or white: global thirst for coffee encourages sustainable farming

How do you like your coffee? Once, the answer might have been “black” or “with milk and sugar.” Today, things are less straightforward. And, when it comes to beans, specialty blends and single origin coffees satisfy our desire for bolder, sweeter flavors. But it’s not all about taste: increasingly, consumers are viewing their choice of coffee—the second most traded global commodity after crude oil—as an ethical decision.

Zero-waste supply chain model reduces plastic and offers consumers new value

You might recall long ago hearing the telltale clinking of glass bottles early each morning as the milkman delivered fresh milk to your doorstep and took away the empties to be sterilized and reused. Recently, this obsolete practice has reemerged in a new form—not with milk this time but dozens of other products whose single-use plastic containers we’ve been discarding every day. The vast majority of these cannot be recycled—or for various reasons are not—ending up in landfills or clogging the earth’s rivers and oceans.

Turning crisis into opportunity: 3D virtual factory tour goes inside the global supply chain

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on frontline workers in essential industries—people whose jobs cannot be performed from home and are vital to the functioning of society, such as doctors and nurses, bus drivers, truckers, dock workers, farm laborers, and many more.

From manga to manger: gyoza take France by storm

What leaps to mind when you think of France? Fine wine and perfume? Paris’s iconic fashion houses? Or maybe those endless varieties of cheese? Chances are, comic books are not high on your list. And yet the country of Voltaire and Proust has a voracious appetite for bandes déssinées —“BD” for short—as comics are called, with over 30% of French people reading comics “regularly.” They also have a passion for Japanese comics, or manga.

An up-and-coming “umami ambassador” gets inspiration from a seasoned pro

On a beautiful day, you might like to venture out to enjoy a picnic on a bench or in a park. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, it’s probably been a while since you did. But when things return to normal, hopefully soon, why not try orizume, a special kind of bento lunch box packed with a myriad of delicacies? Though a bit time-consuming to prepare, this delicious, healthy, attractive, and well-balanced meal is perfect if you’re tired of standard fare like sandwiches, salad and hard-boiled eggs.

“Eat Deliciously!”—the magic words that launched over a century of food innovation

What do katsu curry and a sushi burrito have in common? Both are packed with umami, of course. And both are examples of fusion cuisine, a growing global food trend that has come to define how we eat in the 21st century, from Los Angles to London to Tokyo.

Eating to prevent cognitive decline: What you probably don’t know about protein intake

In Japan, with its aging population, the number of individuals living with dementia is increasing every year. In 2012, according to data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, that number stood at approximately 4.6 million. By 2040, it is estimated to more than double to 9.5 million, and by 2060 it will reach roughly 11.5 million.

Eating for two—new online resource helps pregnant and nursing mothers in Vietnam plan nutritious meals

Parents know all too well the stresses of pregnancy and childrearing. Added economic pressures and less time for sleeping and eating exact a mental and physical toll, and women at this life stage have special dietary requirements. What’s more, taste preferences can change during pregnancy, making it that much harder to plan nutritionally balanced menus. The stakes are high—too little or even too much nutrition can have long-term effects on maternal health, fetal development, and the growth of newborns.

Thriving on plant-based protein: solutions for a sustainable future

We all want to do what’s best for our health and the planet. We’re exercising more, eating nutrition-balanced meals, and reducing our environmental footprint. With global warming and sustainability in the headlines, many people are looking to plant-forward eating to make a positive impact.

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