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Not all black or white: global thirst for coffee encourages sustainable farming

How do you like your coffee? Once, the answer might have been “black” or “with milk and sugar.” Today, things are less straightforward. And, when it comes to beans, specialty blends and single origin coffees satisfy our desire for bolder, sweeter flavors. But it’s not all about taste: increasingly, consumers are viewing their choice of coffee—the second most traded global commodity after crude oil—as an ethical decision.

Zero-waste supply chain model reduces plastic and offers consumers new value

You might recall long ago hearing the telltale clinking of glass bottles early each morning as the milkman delivered fresh milk to your doorstep and took away the empties to be sterilized and reused. Recently, this obsolete practice has reemerged in a new form—not with milk this time but dozens of other products whose single-use plastic containers we’ve been discarding every day. The vast majority of these cannot be recycled—or for various reasons are not—ending up in landfills or clogging the earth’s rivers and oceans.

Thriving on plant-based protein: solutions for a sustainable future

We all want to do what’s best for our health and the planet. We’re exercising more, eating nutrition-balanced meals, and reducing our environmental footprint. With global warming and sustainability in the headlines, many people are looking to plant-forward eating to make a positive impact.

Japan’s daily cuppa: forest management fuels coffee industry

Worldwide, Japanese green tea is more popular than ever as a beverage and food flavoring. But while Japan might seem ...

Waste not, want not: renewable biomass reduces CO₂ emissions

The burning of fossil fuels—oil, coal, and natural gas—to generate electricity releases carbon dioxide locked in the ground into the ...

Making the inedible edible to expand global food supply

If you like to cook from scratch, you’ve probably noticed how much gets thrown away. Stems, seeds, leaves, skin—all end ...

Sustainable sourcing: skipjack tuna for future generations

Grilled, seared, fried, or canned, skipjack tuna is enjoyed worldwide in myriad ways. But perhaps nowhere does it play a ...

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