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Eating to prevent cognitive decline: What you probably don’t know about protein intake

In Japan, with its aging population, the number of individuals living with dementia is increasing every year. In 2012, according to data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, that number stood at approximately 4.6 million. By 2040, it is estimated to more than double to 9.5 million, and by 2060 it will reach roughly 11.5 million.

Eating for two—new online resource helps pregnant and nursing mothers in Vietnam plan nutritious meals

Parents know all too well the stresses of pregnancy and childrearing. Added economic pressures and less time for sleeping and eating exact a mental and physical toll, and women at this life stage have special dietary requirements. What’s more, taste preferences can change during pregnancy, making it that much harder to plan nutritionally balanced menus. The stakes are high—too little or even too much nutrition can have long-term effects on maternal health, fetal development, and the growth of newborns.

Tokyo N4G Summit brings world together to tackle global nutrition challenges

Every four years, the world’s best athletes gather in a spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play to compete on the track, field, pitch, court, or in the pool. The Summer Olympics and Paralympics are a symbol of health, strength, and the fulfillment of human potential. Imagine what could be achieved if the same spirit of goodwill were harnessed to tackle global health and nutrition challenges?

Nutrition Without Compromise: Giving people delicious, personalized choices could be key to longer, healthier lives

People often say life is full of compromises. As consumers, all of us learn to balance what we want with what we need and can afford. That’s true too when it comes to eating.

Nurturing future champions—a sports nutrition awareness project targets student athletes in Malaysia

Every parent of a teenager knows how hard it is to get young people to eat well, what with schoolwork, ...

From fan to brand ambassador: teenage skating sensation Alexandra Trusova uses aminoVITAL® to stay in peak condition

Russian athletes are making their presence felt around the world, from the tennis court to the swimming pool, the track ...

Nurturing tomorrow’s champions: vaulting to new heights

What makes a champion? Many sports fans might say raw talent plays the biggest role in creating heroes on the ...

Savoring plant-based foods: umami served at FNCE 2019

Reading Time: 2minutes By now we’ve all heard that eating more plants is better for our health. Recently, a succession ...

Food for thought: learning to live with a rare disease called PKU

A few days after bringing their newborn son home, David and Lynn Paolella received a call from the hospital. Initial ...

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