What Past And Present Scholars Have To Say About The Ajinomoto Scholarship Grant

Since its inception, the scholarship grant program by Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation has helped many scholars in their pursuit of the best education. It has also produced numerous accomplished individuals in academia who have since become experts in their respective fields. 

With this, we highly implore those interested in applying for the 2023 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant and getting a chance to study in one of many prestigious universities in Japan. If you’re still second-guessing yourself, perhaps hearing from past and present scholars about their experience can sway you to take this opportunity. Here’s what they have to say.

Opening up new opportunities

For many scholars, the Ajinomoto Scholarship was a way to go out of their comfort zone and chase new opportunities in their education and career.

Karen Tan, the recipient of the 2011 scholarship grant, has said that she would not have even considered moving abroad for her graduate studies without the program. Through this opportunity, she could further her studies in her chosen field of synthetic medicinal chemistry.

Rojie Carandang, the recipient of the grant in 2013 who studied under the aquatics natural products chemistry lab at the University of Tokyo, says that the program helped him grow as a person. “We never grow until we try something new. Actual change begins at the end of our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to be in uncomfortable situations to truly reach our full potential,” he adds.

Aside from the educational opportunities, it was also a chance for these scholars to meet different people and discover new cultures. “This scholarship opened lots of doors for me and allowed me to meet new friends,” says 2015 scholarship grant recipient Maria Lea Briones, who did her masters in organic chemistry. Additionally, for 2020 grant recipient and nuclear engineering major John Andrew Jovellana, the experience was an excellent way to learn about society and how to live independently.

Getting access to quality education

The program’s primary goal is to help people get the quality education they deserve. With this in mind, various scholars have reported on how thankful they are for the opportunity to experience good education through the program.

As an example, 2016 scholarship grant recipient Aizel Argete states that Ajinomoto helped fulfill her personal goals and her educational milestones as an applied biological chemistry major. “I’m very thankful for the high-quality education that I received from my study in Japan. It improved my knowledge and further honed my skills, especially in research. This would benefit my workplace now and hopefully my country in the future,” she adds.

Indeed, this also rings true for those about to take on the scholarship grant. As Elaine Wagan, 2022 scholarship grant recipient and registered dietitian, says, “I am very grateful for the opportunity given by the Ajinomoto foundation and to be part of this scholar society with members who are very successful in their fields. With this scholarship, I am hoping to be mentored by experts in my field of interest which is nutritional genetics. I am also looking forward to contributing to our science and research community.”

Being given a chance to help

Aside from the personal and educational opportunities, the grant is also a chance to give back to the country, especially its underprivileged citizens.

After his experience, Rojie Carandang urges his fellow scholars to use the skills they’ve learned to educate, uplift, and empower others. Through his time there, he has been molded as a global leader with compassion for the marginalized population, and he encourages others to do the same.

True to that notion, past scholars have done their part in helping those who are not in power through their research. For starters, 2018 scholarship grant recipient Anna Esperanza Legaspi investigated the chemical reactions in critical water during her time. This study could eventually replace current technologies for more sustainable living for everyone. Many of them, such as Aizel Argete, also hope that the knowledge they’ve learned can help them give back to the country and the future.

With all these in mind, now is the time to join them. Become a scholar of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s Scholarship Grant Program and experience education like no other! The deadline of entries is on March 1, 2022, so send in your applications now!