The Benefits of MSG

Various scientific studies affirm the safety of monosodium glutamate, or MSG for short, to address the misconceptions that surround this food ingredient. 

While a lot of people typically use MSG, there may be benefits that you may not be aware of. We’ve listed them down below for your reference. MSG:

Can enhance the flavor of dishes

A key feature of MSG is that it imparts the fifth basic taste called umami. This taste is characterized by its meaty and savory taste profile. Because of this, MSG is commonly used as a flavor enhancer by making fresh food taste even better. It is quite different from flavor seasonings as it does not add another flavor but only enriches the natural flavor of food. 

Has less sodium compared to table salt

A common misconception of MSG is that it’s high in sodium. But in actuality, MSG only has 12% sodium. In contrast, table salt has 40%, which puts the amount of sodium in MSG at about one-third the amount in table salt. As excessive sodium can potentially lead to several conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease, using MSG as an alternative may help lessen your sodium intake without sacrificing flavor.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid sodium entirely. Even MSG has sodium content as well. A lack of sodium in the diet also has adverse effects such as lethargy, weakness, and headache, all found in the condition hyponatremia or low blood sodium. But the use of MSG may help control the amount you consume to prevent such complications while still getting the amount you need to keep functioning.

May increase satiety while curbing appetite

As mentioned earlier, MSG is used as a powerful flavor enhancer in various food items. Not only does it make food more appetizing, but it also helps one feel fuller, as found in various studies. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that MSG could increase satiety when added to a high-energy, high-protein soup. Moreover, it showed that while the addition of MSG increased the level of satiety, it helped curb the participants’ appetite, especially on high-fat foods.

Such benefits are a good thing, especially for those trying to lessen their food intake to lose some weight. They can curb their appetite while still feeling full and satisfied in terms of what they eat.

May improve nutrition among the elderly

As one gets older, the sense of taste, smell, and oral function starts to decline, leading to poor diet quality and appetite. This may then lead to malnutrition and other health risks. Various researches have shown that improving the flavor of food and adding MSG to elderlies’ meals helped improve their overall health. Intensifying flavors and tastes through the addition of seasoning such as MSG can improve food palatability and acceptance, increase salivary flow for easier chewing and swallowing, and reduce oral complaints among elderlies.

With these benefits in mind, we always have to maintain proper nutrition and practice the Pinggang Pinoy® principle of eating balanced meals in moderation and with a wide variety of food. 

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