DISH OUT: Healthy For the Kiddie!

We always hear that good eating habits start young. We are very much aware that vegetables are good and too much fat and sugar are unhealthy. We may know all these things but the big question is – how do we get the kids to eat healthy?

Let us DISH OUT some practical tips:

1.) Be a good ROLE MODEL
– Eat with your kids and show them that you are enjoying eating healthy food
like vegetables.
– Eating fried dishes isn’t bad, in fact, gram per gram, kids need more fat and
other nutrients as compared to adults. Enjoying home-cooked fried food
once a day isn’t a bad idea!

2.) Be the great STORY TELLER
– For younger kids, telling good stories about vegetables like “The Cabbage that
Saved a Boy” may change the way they see vegetables and start liking it.

3.) Be a STAR CHEF
Healthy For the Kiddie! – Make first impressions last by
introducing a vegetable ingredient while serving
good-tasting dishes to your kids.
If they have a bad memory of its
taste, they might end up being
picky and not eating certain types
of vegetables until they grow up.
– Make your dishes fun and
delicious! Cook with
– Do not train your kids to like
overcooked vegetables.
Most kids eat vegetables in this
state; overcooked vegetables lose
most of its nutrients due to long exposure to heat and air.

4.) Be the culinary CAMP MASTER
– You do not need to pay large amount of money just to enroll your kids in a
culinary camp. You may start at home by engaging your kids into some
cooking time. Don’t worry too much if you feel like you are not a great cook.
I’m sure your kids wouldn’t know. For a starter, you may try creating easy
and healthy recipes found in our website.


Vegetable Siomai
Vegetable Sopas
Lumpiang Kalabasa with Teriyaki Sauce

DISH OUT is lovingly served hot and fresh by Manelie Cruz, RND

Aside from the obligatory computer, Manel’s work implements include her trusty sianse and wok. She does not believe in fad diets and would often give pep talks to colleagues in need saying, “A good diet does not last for 3 months, it is one that you can keep forever.” She believes that the formula to eating well is to make nourishing food delicious and enjoyable. She is now on a mission to DISH OUT practical tips and great-tasting healthy recipes, hoping to contribute to your wellbeing.

Manel is Ajinomoto’s Senior Specialist in Culinary Nutrition, she ranked 4th in the National Licensure Exam for Nutritionist-Dietitian and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Santo Tomas and in Culinary Arts for Nutritionist-Dietitian at the Center for Culinary Arts. She is also an experienced Culinary Nutrition spokesperson who had Food Safety Specialization at ServSafe Foodsafety Manager Certification and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Health.