James Younghusband and Christiana Dimaunahan share how to increase intensity to your at-home workouts

Looking for fitness inspiration to break the monotony of being confined at home? Sports figures and aminoVITAL® endorsers James Younghusband and Christiana Dimaunahan share how they can keep the intensity of their workout routines even at home.

As a football pro, it’s vital for James to sufficiently raise the intensity of his workouts, not just because it burns more calories but it also helps his body to develop and grow stronger. Aside from the benefits in physical health, one of James’ motivations for working out is the endorphin rush or the release of “feel-good hormones” in the brain that boosts his mood and make him feel positive especially amid these challenging times. “During this time there is a lot of unknowns and it is important to look after our minds. When working out you have to keep it fresh so you look forward to doing new exercises. It can be mentally tough staying in one place so exercising helps you forget that,” he added.

The same goes for Basketball player Christiana, she intensifies her workout routine to keep in shape and in good condition especially since activities are limited. With no access to a basketball court, Christiana shared that she is unable to do her regular training that includes dribbling and shooting routines. But to make up for her inability to perform such routines, she intensified her at-home exercise. The Filipina baller remains motivated to push herself because of how much she wants to make her family and other people who believe in her proud. “I think about the people who believe in me and how much I want to prove myself worthy of their faith… It doesn’t matter where you get your motivation from, after all. It matters that you always find one — any reason at all to get up and start. Nothing good ever happens to people who make excuses,” Christiana said.

For those who feel like they are stuck in a rut with their usual workout routine and have been wanting to change their pace, then it’s time to challenge yourself with the #StayVITAL full workout sessions of James (@jamesyounghusband7) and Christiana (@christianadimaunahan) available at facebook.com/aminoVITALPH and instagram.com/aminovitalPH/. #StayVITAL is part of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s “Eat Well, Live Well. Stay Well.” campaign to provide Filipino families with practical tips on proper nutrition, recipe menu and fitness activities to cope, stay well and enjoy life despite current COVID-10 situation.

In the #StayVITAL sessions, both athletes replicate their gym workout at home by getting creative with household items such as chair or couch, bottles of water, ball to add more intensity. James and Christiana also make sure to take aminoVITAL® to give them the extra push and energy that is needed for longer period of exercise. “Taking amino vital 30 minutes before I start working out indeed makes me last for hours and hours. It is a fuel that keeps me at my 100% until the very end of my program,” Christiana said.

If you are aiming to raise the intensity of your workouts, why not try aminoVITAL®? aminoVITAL® is a jelly-based drink that can give you the boost to exercise longer and harder as it contains 3,000mg of amino acid, including 1,700 mg of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It is also absorbed by the body faster as it can be taken 30 minutes before your fitness activity unlike other protein sources that will take three to four hours of digestion before it’s converted to amino acid. During period of vigorous-intensity physical activity, BCAAs can help protect your muscles from breaking down while providing energy as well.

But before you increase your exercise intensity, determine your fitness goal first and remember that you should consult your doctor especially if you have any health conditions as some of the high-intensity exercises may not be appropriate for every fitness level.

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