General Description Major Application Origin Packing
M-C100, Chicken Flavor
M-M100, Meaty Flavor Processed Meat/ Instant Noodles/ Soups
GM-100, Grilled Meat Flavor
M-RCK100, Roasted Chicken Reaction Flavor
M-RCK200, Meaty Chicken Reaction Flavor
M-RCK300, Boiled Chicken Reaction Flavor Processed Meat/ Instant Noodles/ Snacks
M-RBF100, Roasted Beef Reaction Flavor Malaysia 1 kg x 20/pack
M-RBF200, Meaty Beef Reaction Flavor
M-VR10, Vegetarian Crab Flavor
M-IB10, Anchovy (Ikan Bilis) Flavor Processed Seafood/ Instant Noodles/ Condiments/ Snacks
M-P100, Shrimp Flavor
CTF-10, Cuttlefish Flavor
Others, Flavor Enhancing Series

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