Holiday Incentives You Can Get As an Ajinomoto Team Member

Part of what makes a company a great employer is if they have lots of enticing holiday benefits for all their employees. Such perks are a huge advantage and will more than likely lead to job openings being filled quickly. On the side of the potential employees, they’ll receive amazing benefits that can be helpful especially for Christmas expenses and beyond.

So what exactly does Ajinomoto offer for holiday benefits? Read below to find out.

Christmas bonus

Ajinomoto offers a competitive rate when it comes to their Christmas bonuses. Each employee receives an additional Christmas bonus on top of the mandatory 13th month pay – an added benefit that assures due compensation plus more for the holidays. This is especially helpful when considering all your added expenses for Christmas such as for gifts, Noche Buena, and more.

Christmas package

Aside from the bonus, each employee also gets their very own Christmas package. This Christmas package ensures that every KA-AJI is provided Noche Buena essentials with various Ajinomoto products including our very own AJI-NO-MOTO® UMAMI SEASONING. Employees can use these for their Noche Buena cooking and even in their succeeding everyday meals, saving money for their groceries.

Company-paid holidays

Lastly, an Ajinomoto employee is also entitled to company paid holidays that includes Christmas and New Year.  This means that every team member gets the time off they deserve to spend time with their families plus additional extra cash. At Ajinomoto, we ensure that every employee is appreciated in terms of additional holiday pays and well-deserved rest days.If you want to be part of a company that gets great holiday benefits not just during Christmas but all-year round, be part of the Ajinomoto team now! Look through our list of available careers and see if Ajinomoto is the perfect company for you!