How Ajinomoto’s SustainAbilidad Helps Educate Communities

At Ajinomoto, we promote the concept of sustainability in everything we do. From the production process down to our brand values, sustainability is carefully considered by the company. We also believe that we should promote sustainable practices among our stakeholders especially our consumers. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve made to better spread and educate people about the concept of SustainAbilidad.

Encouraging the 3 R’s

Part of Ajinomoto’s sustainability principles clarifies what sustainability is and encourages communities to follow the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The company makes sure to have these initiatives promoted to the general public. It is done by featuring it on our virtual tour under the community section and posting regular advisories and tips. Doing this, the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling can be further spread to more people, prompting them to practice the same in their very own households and neighborhoods.

Promos and events

More than simply featuring Ajinomoto’s principles and posting reminders, promos, events, and contests are done to promote them further. Just this year, we held the #AJINOMOTOSustainabilidadChallenge, which encouraged participants to send in their do-it-yourself projects, embodying the 3 R’s. Through this, lots of Filipinos were able to showcase their creativity while integrating sustainability in their outputs. Using such events to advocate for these concepts allows more people to engage, learn, and even share their own sustainability practices.

Employing SustainAbilidad in the production process

Last but not least, the concept of SustainAbilidad doesn’t just stop at the methods above. As a food production company, we also employ it in how we make the quality products you all know and love. 

Ajinomoto has made it a goal to reduce plastic waste in our factories to zero by the year 2030. To do this, we practice proper waste management, integrate wastewater treatment in our plants, and convert waste to fuel as a means of employing SustainAbilidad in our everyday operations. We are also transparent in such methods, with our goal to set an example for people out there to do the same.

To resolve the global crisis on pollution, we all need to work hand in hand and champion Global Sustainability. When it comes to bringing out your SustainAbilidad, big or small acts from companies or individuals can all contribute to a better future for our society.