“Eat Well, Live Well.” is our corporate message, our commitment to our consumers and customers. It is the source of our passion and motivation. Find out more about our community involvement and how we can all strive together towards a better future.


Pinoy Ulam Recipe Staples and Why You Should Try Them

Pinoy cuisine is a fusion of Asian and western cuisine that carries a lot of history, flavor, and diversity. Pinoy ...


Gulay Recipes Your Kids Can Enjoy

When it comes to preparing and serving gulay recipes at home, incorporating vegetables in a child’s diet has been a long dilemma ...


How to Make Easy to Cook Ulam Recipes

As a parent, even if you’re busy, you still have the desire to provide healthy meals for the whole family. ...


3 Easy to Cook Healthy Recipes from the Philippines

It has been a perception for some consumers that healthy food is more expensive. This idea may have drove some people to ...


How You Can Be Part of The Ajinomoto Family

Established on May 9, 1958, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) has continued to support Filipino households with the variety of products ...


Breaking Myths: Is MSG bad for you?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or commonly known as “vetsin” in the Philippines, is one of the most controversial food ingredient, because ...


Different Types of Careers At Ajinomoto

Are you looking for a promising and satisfying career? Why not check out our job openings at Ajinomoto and find ...


Why Should You Put Umami Seasoning Into Your Dishes?

Umami seasoning, commonly referred to as monosodium glutamate or MSG, has been a popular cooking item for home cooks everywhere ...


The Perks and Benefits of Working in Ajinomoto

In this pandemic, looking for a job is now a more comprehensive process than ever. It’s not enough to just ...

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