What To Do With Recyclable Waste At Home

Practicing the reduce, reuse, recycle model may seem inconsequential, but it does wonders in contributing to the environmental sustainability initiative. Through such methods, waste is managed properly and reusable waste is given new life instead of just added to the pile. But now that you’ve segregated the recyclables from the non-recyclables, you may be thinking, “What now?” What could you possibly do with it in a way that’s still purposeful and productive? Well, here are some ideas to consider.

Create new usable household items

The beauty of recyclable materials is that they can be repurposed to create various items for everyday use. For example, old peanut butter jars can be used as containers for salt, sugar, and other similar items. You can even repurpose these as containers for craft items like buttons, glitter, and beads if you’re on the more creative side. Another example is using old cans as holders for your small plants. There are a lot more ideas you can apply when it comes to reusing recyclable waste so they can find new use in your home.

Give it to donation drives

If you genuinely don’t have many purposes for the recyclable materials at your home, there’s no use in just storing and allowing them to take up space. Instead, take them to donation drives. 

Various organizations collect waste for other purposes. For example, some companies may use plastic for their bricks or lumber. There are even those who accept waste in exchange for cash or other perks. Check out the nearest donation drives and go from there, so your recyclables don’t go to waste.

Join events that encourage use of recyclable materials

Now, we’ve established that you can create other items from your recyclables. But why not get even more creative with it? And maybe even win something in the process, too? Take part in events that allow you to showcase your resourcefulness with your recyclable waste. For example, you can join contests like the #AjinomotoSustainAbilidadChallenge to showcase your work, share your ideas, and get a chance to win great prizes! Not only are such events fun to take part in, it also inspires more people to take recycling seriously so they can apply it in their own home.

You can do lots of things with the waste you’ve recycled at home, it just takes a bit of creativity and the right mentality to do so. Continue following the 3 R’s and do your part in taking care of the environment and making our planet sustainable to live in for the next generation.