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From Japanese dinner tables to the Athletes’ Village in Tokyo—Ajinomoto frozen gyozas turn 50 but aren’t slowing down

Simply put, a gyoza is a savory Japanese dumpling consisting of a thin flour wrapper and juicy filling of minced pork and chopped cabbage flavored with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

Nutrition Without Compromise: Giving people delicious, personalized choices could be key to longer, healthier lives

People often say life is full of compromises. As consumers, all of us learn to balance what we want with what we need and can afford. That’s true too when it comes to eating.

Indigo Marine Collagen makes it easy being green and blue

Nowadays, we often hear people talk about being green, that is, living sustainably. But how about being blue?

Nurturing future champions—a sports nutrition awareness project targets student athletes in Malaysia

Every parent of a teenager knows how hard it is to get young people to eat well, what with schoolwork, ...

Eating for a healthy immune system

Summer and winter, we are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations as we move between heated or air-conditioned environments and the ...

Sports and nutrition in the age of COVID: new website chronicles Indonesian swim champion’s winning journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies worldwide to close offices. Many of us have experienced first-hand the challenge of working ...

From fan to brand ambassador: teenage skating sensation Alexandra Trusova uses aminoVITAL® to stay in peak condition

Russian athletes are making their presence felt around the world, from the tennis court to the swimming pool, the track ...

Nurturing young minds and bodies: school lunch in Indonesia

School lunches may make you think of less than appetizing fare. But times are changing. Today schools may offer enticing ...

Karaage— a new allergy-conscious take on a classic recipe

Parents today may notice a greater awareness around food allergies compared to when they were young. Even if your own ...

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